5 Advice to Save Your Marriage From Broken


1. Always listen to your partner

If you have listen to your partner, your partner will be more possible to listen you back. If you don’t listen to your spout, you won’t know their feeling, their trouble and their true heart. Find opportunities to listen to your spout and what they have to say. This will add more communications between you two and benefit your relationship.


2. Don’t quit easily.

Don’t quit easily if you have tried some methods several times. Don’t give up hope which is the main process to save your marriage. Without hope, you will be discouraged and tend to give up. You marriage will not be fixed in that way. It is very important that healing a relationship costs time and efforts. When the road of saving marriage get narrowed and hard, it is hope in your heart that force you insist. You can seek help from relatives or friends but you never give up.

3. Have more sex

I don’t mean to fake that, but if you are confused with your relationship and don’t know your feeling about your relationship, have sex. It surely will make you reinforces your closeness and fix your relationships. Do you have other reason not to have more sex?

4. Love Yourselves.

How can you love other one if you are not able to love yourself? If you have tried long and have no idea how to fix your broken marriage, maybe it’s time to embrace yourselves. Be the real you and truly yourself. Life is sometimes hard especially when marriage is on the edge of broken, you should make sure you are in good state then you can have energy to solve marriage problems. Love yourself, then spread your care to your spout.

5. Become the best of yourself

Improve yourself is the best way to have your spout be attracted by you. What make your spout decide to marry you and what makes your relationship tears apart? You can rethink about this question, have your lost your best part and can you change the weakness of you and be a better person and better lover?

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